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Greetings from 2023 KYHS President (Seongjoon Yang)

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Greetings, honorable members of KYHS,

During my four years of commitment to KYHS, we have experienced significant changes to our mundane lives. But we as a community continued to make proud achievements during the pandemic.

The pinnacle of our achievements was the Annual Fundraising Dinner in August. It was a pleasure to meet fellow members of KYHS and collaborate with each other to make the event a huge success. It was an opportunity for me to enhance my pride in contributing as a member of KYHS. And I am certain you all would have felt the same too.

Now I believe it is the time to get active and achieve what we aspired as a whole in the upcoming year. I am looking forward to organizing more conventions, such as fundraising dinners, orchestras, and leadership camps so that members can create more bonds with each other.

But the most significant role of KYHS is to continue our service to society, both domestically and internationally, since we are all important members of the global community.

It is my deepest honor to serve you all as president, and let’s continue our success in 2023!


Seongjoon Yang
KYHS President 2023
North London Collegiate School Jeju ’24


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