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Greetings from 2023 KYHS Vice President (Christina Song)

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Dear KYHS members,

Thanks to the relief of the pandemic, we've hosted numerous in-person events this year. It's been a true honor to participate and work alongside talented KYHS members. The successes of this year's KYHS events, including the 2022 Kyonam Sinaegga Fundraising Dinner, prove our unlimited potential as an organization and the positive impact we can bring to our local community.

I'm confident that all our members, including myself, have high hopes for the upcoming year. In response, I promise to maintain a proactive mindset to meet the raised expectations when initiating project plans for campaigns and interactive events. I am particularly looking forward to the KYHS Leadership Camp, which we will host next summer for the first time since 2020.

As the Vice President of KYHS, I will work towards being every one of your reliable partners, so feel free to contact me via email for any questions, comments, or concerns. I will be more than happy to help!

Finally, I wish great luck to everyone in the new year!

Thank you,

Christina Song
2023 KYHS Vice President
Dulwich, 11th


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