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KYHS회원들이 각자의 주제로 조사하여 그 결과를 정리 수록한 저널 'Unseen'의 2023년 여름호가 발간되었습니다.
이번 호에는 모두 25명의 회원들이 참여했으며, 수학, 환경, 사이버 보안, affimative action 등의 다양한 주제가 다루어졌습니다.

이번 2023년 여름호는 한국과 해외의 모든 회원들에게 발송되었으며, 도서관 등으로도 발송됩니다.
KYHS의 모든 회원들은 항상 관심 분야에 관해 조사하고 일년에 두차례 그 결과를 정리하여 수록한 저널을 발간합니다.
다음은 이번 호의 목차입니다.

The Beauty of Mathematics, Kevin Choi

Corona Blues: The Upsurge of Depression in Adults and Adolescents, Emily Dhong

Defining Our Position in the Cosmos, Gyeol Han

The Impact of Sports Starts on Youth and Society, Ines Shee Yun Hwang

An Examination on Cybersecurity Industry, Woojin Jung

Development of AI and Controversies Over It, Luke Kang

Utilizing Smart Glasses to Increase Human Capabilities, Andrew Gunhee Kim

How the Environment Affects the Organisms Within It, Minsung Kim

Analyzing the Welfare Systems for the Disabled in the US and Korea Patrick, Junhee Kim

Probability and Statistics, Teiyoon Kim

Tourism and the Environment: An Interdependent Relationship, Claire Lee

Speedy Stereotypes: The Impact of Race on First Impression of Competence, Isaac Hajin Lee

The Injustice of Racial Preference in College Admissions William, Gahngsan Lee

Privatization of the Prison System, Yeso Lee

Are Math and Science Enough to Explain this World? Yujin Oh

Korea’s Webtoon Industry, Hylynn Park

Intestinal Stem Cells: Self-Renewing, Proliferating, and Regenerative, Subin Pyo

The Emergence of AI, Ellen Ryu

Coping with Dementia Soomin Shim

Modern Pandemic: Gender Inequality in Healthcare, Christina J. Song

Imprisoned Belugas, Hochan Song

Climate Change’s Impact on Clashes between Developed and Developing States, Seongjoon Yang

Effect of Culture on International Relations, Yoobin Joo

FTX and Alameda Research, Jang Won Yoon

Roles and Responsibilities of Stakeholders in the Assimilation of Refugees, Sungbin Yoon


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