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Winners of 2023 KYHS Conference Award

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The 2023 KYHS Conference Awards are presented to KYHS members
who actively participated in the conference (July 29, 2023), best contributed to it
and got the best evaluation from their conference assignments. 


1st Place  Christina J. Song

Comments from the conference moderator:
News Platforms. Which Times? Korea Times?  NYT? You are engaging with your eye contact with the camera. Everything is biased…very true. In history, we try to study original research. But that is very difficult and time-consuming. Things like raw facts, population numbers counts like tanks, etc. Nice gestures.

2nd Place    Subin Pyo

Comments from the conference moderator:
I loved your opening.  Very dynamic and engaging!!! You’ve done a lot of public speaking. Great examples. The Pope…super interesting. Good gestures.  Cameras make it harder. I liked the original content.  You gave your thoughts.

3rd Place  Claire Hyunseo Lee

Comments from the conference moderator:
Good pick. Nice gestures.  What a horrifying event. Climate change is real. Some of this is the warnings. There is a feeling that the government let them down. Nice tie into social media. It seems like the ending was cut off.


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